Friday, September 16, 2011

Catholic Rosary made with White Turquoise or Howlite

This is a lovely 5 decade rosary made with creamy white howlite and bronze. The Pater beads are lovely red translucent, hand painted gypsy beads detailed with the addition of bead caps and a small button pearl. The crucifix and center are bronze, and the center is a Sacred Heart center.
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Robert said...

Gorgeous! I am particularly fond of white and cream colored stones and I use a lot of them in my rosaries/chaplets. I believe they are very rich looking. The other thing I like about them is you can choose from a full color palate what you want to use with them. The rich tones of the Pater Nosters have made this an exceptional sacramental.

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Laude Arts and Gifts said...

What a beautiful rosary. I love the red gypsy Paters with the white howlite.