Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lazo Wedding Rosary from Laude Arts and Gifts

Lazo Wedding Rosary at

The Lazo or Lasso Rosary has Mexican origins. Basically, a Lazo rosary is two full rosaries joined together by one crucifix. It symbolizes the union of the bride and groom in marriage. Traditionally, the godparents or sponsors of the couple getting married place the rosary around the bride's neck and around the groom's neck during the wedding ceremony. Special prayers are then said to join them in Holy Matrimony. After the wedding, one of two things can be done. Some couples keep the rosary so that they can use it to pray together and then later pass it along to their children when they get married. Other couples break the rosary down into two separate rosaries. Then they give one rosary to the bride's mother and the other to the groom's mother as keepsakes of the wedding.

The Pater beads in this rosary are comprised of handmade wedding cake beads, the Aves are white Czech glass beads.   The crucifix and the three centers are lead free pewter.   Please click here to learn more about this stunning rosary.   Also, please visit my shop at to view more of my rosaries and chaplets. 

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