Thursday, February 7, 2013

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- presents- The Chaplet Of St. Monica

This is the Chaplet of St. Monica, Heirloom Quality. Chaplet rosaries are tailored to a specific set of prayer. There are no two chaplets alike. The number of beads that compose a chaplet are generally significant and meaningful to the chaplet itself.

“This is a wonderful chaplet for parents to pray for their children”.

This chaplet is constructed of lots of Bali Sterling Silver. All medals are solid sterling molds. All bead caps and connectors are solid Bali sterling silver. The wire is “.930 Argentium Sterling Silver”. The beauty of this wire is that it will not tarnish.

.930 ARGENTIUM SILVER- The reasons for using Argentium silver are many. Argentium Silver is an anti-oxidizing , anti-fire scale Sterling alloy that is extremely tarnish resistant. It is the most important advance in silver technology in modern times. It stays bright and beautiful for weeks , months, for years and requires only an occasional wipe with a soft cloth to remove smudges or finger marks. Fabrication and workability characteristics are much better than standard Sterling Silver and it can be heat treated to achieve hardness approximately twice as strong as standard Sterling Silver.

The large (12mm) beads are Iran Copper Turquoise. The smaller (8mm) beads are natural White Ocean Coral semi-precious stones. The beautiful rosary center is a portrait of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The gorgeous medal depicts a picture of St. Monica and her son St. Augustine." Notice the connectors between the Pater Noster (Our Father) beads- one side of the connector is Jesus and the other side is the Virgin Mary! Beautiful connectors!

History of the Chaplet Of St. Monica

"St. Monica (333-387) , wife and mother, was born in Northern Africa. She is the mother of St. Augustine and an instrument of his conversion. St. Monica endured a troubled marriage but never stopped her prayers and almsgiving. She suffered for seventeen years on account of her beloved son, yet came to see him turn back to God at last. By her prayers, Augustine became one of the doctors of the church, and one of the great authors of Christendom. She is knowing friend to all those who plead with God to work in the hearts of their loved ones, and particularly to parents who pray for their children.

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